Is Bobrisky a Gay ? – Homosexual Partner 2020 (Updated)

Is Bobrisky a Gay ? – Homosexual Partner 2020 (Updated)

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Is Bobrisky a Gay ? – Homosexual Partner 2020 (Updated)

Bobrisky whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju was born on August 31st 1992 (28 Years Old) , He is a popular Nigerian cross dresser and alleged Gay.

Today we are going to state some facts about bobrisky and explain if he is a Gay or Not.

There are many rumors going on online , that Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju is a gay , that he enjoys it with top business men and politicians in Nigeria.

Am not against the fact about , because when a full grown man decides to turn to a woman in a country that does not support it , and he is freely moving about and enjoying his life , that means some powerful people are eating from that pot.

No evidence of the fact stated above has been approved , so for this Bobrisky is yet not labeled a gay.

We are waiting for anybody with evidence of this on the comment section below.

Is Bobrisky a Gay ?

Is Bobrisky A Gay

Bobsriky is not a Gay , he is just a cross dresser and bran infulencer who is using his show offs to sell his products.

Who Is Bobrisky's Gay Partner ?

Who Is Bobrisky Gay Partner

As at September 2020 , there is no news of Bobrisky been caught in the Act with anybody. So for this reason , there is nobody now labeled Bobrisky's Gay partner.

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